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Eviction Step 1 - Serving Legal Notices

We serve both Section 8 and Section 21 Notices simultaneously within 48 hours

  • We can serve the section 8 notice & section 21 notice on your tenant(s) for a breach of tenancy agreement. This is when most tenants realise how serious you are, and in most cases it's the only jolt they need.

Free initial advice on the fastest method of eviction

  • UK Legal Estates eviction team will review your case details and give you our expert advice and recommendations on the fastest way to evict your tenants, and the likely timescales involved.

We deal directly with your tenant - so you don't have to

  • Our Eviction Step 1 service means we will take the problem from you and deal with the tenant direct.
  • We will serve the relevant notices and speak with the local authority to try and have them re-housed ASAP.

100% correct and accurate legal notices and paperwork

  • It's all about the attention to detail. The majority of eviction cases that are thrown out of court are because the paperwork was not completed correctly. UK Legal Estates will ensure the notices are served correctly and a possession order is granted.

Eviction Step 2 - Court Proceedings

We contact you within 2 hours and start working on your case immediately

  • Due to the number of eviction experts in our own in house eviction team, you won't be waiting around for anyone to become available someone will contact you to get the details of your case within 2 hours of us receiving your instruction and we will start working on your case immediately.

We will arrange all the legal papers precisely to ensure a speedy process

  • As soon as we are instructed to act on your behalf we will start to put together a water-tight case which will ensure nothing other than an eviction is ordered by the judge. Once we are happy we will then issue formal court proceedings against your tenant.

To minimise your financial losses we apply to the court within 72 hours

  • We understand that a problem tenant is often a non-paying tenant, and that most landlords need this situation solving urgently in order to minimise financial losses. So as soon as we have reviewed the case we apply to the courts within 72 hours for the earliest court hearing date.

No hidden extra charges, the court fees are included in our costs

  • Unlike many other eviction companies, our costs are 100% transparent, with no hidden extras. Our fees even include the court fees.

Eviction Step 3 - Bailiffs Service

Bailiffs will remove tenants who ignore the court order

  • In fact very few tenants will actually remain at this point. However, in the case where your nuisance tenant wants to drag the eviction process out to the bitter end we can quickly arrange for court bailiffs to visit the property to remove the tenants.

Arranging a specific date and time for the eviction

  • We will apply to the court bailiffs for a specific date and time for the bailiffs to attend your property so the landlord or your letting agents can also arrange for a lock smith to be present.

The bailiffs (if necessary) can use physical force to remove the tenants

  • The court bailiffs are legally allowed to use physical force (if necessary) to remove the tenants from your property if they are still present on the date they arrive. If the tenants resist or course trouble, the bailiffs can call the police who will arrest anyone who is violent.